Radio advertising

Radio advertising at work is beneficial in promoting the products. Suppose you are driving along a long road. Obviously your best companion will be the radio. Listening and driving is a right combination and people listen with apt attention. Advertising on this source will instantly grab the attention of the listeners and your sales are ready to shoot up!

All the commercials on the radio will be similar to those on the other media like TVs. Booking slots for commercials on the radio are called spots. The rates of the spots depend on the season and the type of product. Advertising is similar to that on the social media too. Make sure you are more cautious as radio is not a visual medium.

Types of advertising:
1) The produced spot advertising includes jingles filled with sounds, music, and lyrics. They can convey the content in a funny, serious or informative way.
2) The updates or scores like traffic updates are sponsored by the businesses to create awareness of their products.
3) Live read ads like ESPN radio shows are engaging and capture the attention of the people as the voice of the announcer will give extra weightage.

Radio advertising has both pros and cons, but as the pros outweigh the disadvantages, you can give a try!

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