The Schedule And Work Of An RJ

In the earlier days, we had radio presenters, and since the advent of FM, we call them Radio Jockeys. The scenario has changed completely, and now the RJ’s have to be wholly entertaining and well aware of all the current affairs. Apart from providing recreation, they have to impart knowledge and the latest happenings too. They must have a sweet but yet compelling voice that can show both authority and warmth. They must have a right attitude and high confidence levels.

The FM or frequency modulation is relatively a new technology in the radio field. Than the other channels, FM is clear and has a higher bandwidth. There is a vast improvement in the presentation, content, expression, and delivery of the programs. The completion is on a high rise, and all the channels are coming up with innovative ideas.

A glance at the requirements of an RJ:
1) The RJ must always show happiness in his/her voice leaving behind the personal emotions.
2) Should have immense knowledge of the city he/she lives in and should have a grip on the local language and its dialects.
3) Should be open to all shift timings.
4) Should have a grip on all the movies, songs, albums and the actors and celebrities.
5) Have to script the shows sometimes. So, spontaneity is much required.
6) Should have their style and pirating anyone’s content should be ruled out.
7) RJ should mingle with people quickly and should have a knack for strangers too.
8) RJ should keep aside all the inhibitions and should be free to interact and develop relations and contacts.
9) Having unique talents like mimicry, ventriloquism, excellent communication skills is always an added benefit.
10) Should be able to modulate the voice whenever required to avoid the boredom of the listeners.
11) Should be able to cover up their mistakes tactfully
12) Should know about the computers, sound systems, mixers, and faders.
13) There is no formal education required to become an RJ, but they can go for some crash courses and certifications.
14) There will be enormous scope for growth, and immense popularity can be gained.

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