The Career Of A Radio Jockey

The radio industry has gained immense popularity these days. It is famous amongst all the classes of the society and is a primary time pass for all the people. People who commute for long distances prefer listening to radios to keep them entertained throughout the journey. The radio jockeys need to be active and should be aware of the latest happenings and trends. The duties of the radio jockeys include:

· Lending voice to documentaries and audio magazines
· Presenting shows and advertising
· Scripting the shows
· Music programming
RJ’s these days are no less than the celebrities and if you have a passion for entertaining people and your voice is mesmerizing, then the career of radio jockeying might suit you well! Let us have a look at the skill set required for radio jockeys:

1) Confidence
2) Positive bent of mind
3) Patience
4) Adaptability
5) Quick thinking and common sense
6) General knowledge
7) Awareness of the society
8) Creativity
9) Sense of humor
10) Firmness and respect combined together
11) Right focus

Academic excellence is not mandatory to become an RJ. The minimum qualification required is graduation, and one must have a firm grip on English, Hindi and the local language. Degree or post-graduation in mass media or communications is a further bonus. Certifications are available to gain expertise in this field further. This profession will not give much tension and stress either.

Advantages and disadvantages of being a radio jockey:
1) There will be no time for personal life, and the pay will not match the TV artists.
2) The cost of investment will be meager but the gains will be high.
3) Popularity and fame are guaranteed.
4) There will be public recognition and unlimited scope of growth.

The typical schedule of an RJ:
An RJ heads to the station at 6:30 am, and his/her show might end at 11 am. After a break, they prepare and plan for next day’s show until 1 pm. Then, after lunch, they meet up people or wind up production work and head home at 4 pm.

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