Steps to write a successful advertisement story

There is no right or the exact method to frame a script. But following these seven steps will assist in completing the script quickly and in an impressive manner.

Step 1:
Call to action lets you know how the targeted audience will react to your commercial. The step that they take after listening to the ad will play an impact on the sales. It is advisable to work backward from call to action.

Step 2:
There is a standard rule that we must approach the customer, not vice versa. Rapport with the customer always plays a significant role in influencing the business. There must be a fixed frequency between the listener and the product launcher while introducing a new product or range. Making the people aware of new issues will help in getting them closer to the business.

Step 3:
Showing sympathy and empathy brings people closer. Letting the listeners know that you understand their problems and you are trying to solve them will make them happy, and your advertisement will have a purpose.

Step 4:
After you get to know the problem of the audience, just don’t pitch in for sales immediately. It will spoil the impression. Just go along with their flow and try to be a part of their problem that will reduce the distance between the buyers and the sellers. Advise them not to take their challenge in a light-hearted way.

Step 5:
Just don’t keep stressing about their problem. Offer them sound advice that can put them out of their trouble. Without a solution, useless banter is a waste of time and resources.

Step 6:
Instead of wasting time on unnecessary content, make sure that the opening line of the script reflects the motive and summary of the advertisement.

Step 7:
Since the radio ads are not visual, make sure you put the advertisement in the form of a free and naturally flowing story.

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