Ways To Measure The Effectiveness Of Radio Advertising

It is not important to create an advertisement. The way it impresses and impacts people makes the difference.

Conducting a survey:
Once you have aired your advertisement, you will be anxious to know how it is doing and its rate of success. We never know how far it has gone into the minds of the people. A survey is required to find out about all the aspects.
One month survey before airing:
Suppose a person wants to showcase his collection of maternity dresses. He/she goes around asking people what they would prefer in the aspect of clothing. We get different answers like quality, comfort, style, patterns, etc. Suppose a majority of them answer comfort; this will be the basis to measure the effectiveness of the advertisement. This pre-testing period will help in knowing the pulse of the people.
After the ad is aired:
Go around asking the same questions approximately after a month of the beginning of the ad. Collect the responses and collate them. If the people answer that they are choosing your product because of its comfort, then your advisement is a success. This means you have impacted the right target audience. This survey has to be carried on for better growth in the sales. By this way, the effect of the campaign over the period can be calculated.

Fixing the benchmark:
Let us suppose you want to advertise about a specific product of your stores. You create an impressive commercial and get it aired on a radio channel that has a considerable reach. Suppose after a particular period, the sale in the store increased by 20% and the rise in the overall national sale is 3%, which means the advertisement has contributed to the increase in the sale by 17%. But, if the store sale is only 8% and national sales have gone up by 12%, the ad is not efficient enough, and it should be revamped.

Marketing objective:
Let us assume that you are running a supermarket and want to increase your customer rate. You want to increase the margin by advertising on the sale of dry fruits by giving exciting offers. You promote this in a right way on radio. Will it work out?
1) Compare the sales before and after the advertisement.
2) Compare the number of customer check-ins.
3) The increase in both will prove that the commercial is a success.

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